InBody 230

InBody 230

For Practical Diagnosis.

The more convenient and easier way to a health and fitness check-up.

Result Sheet

You can see InBody's fantastic technology from the result sheet

InBody 230 Result Sheet

Areas of use

  • Standard Fitness Assessment
  • General Weight Management and Weight Loss Control
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Health Assessment

All Biospace products combine the use of multi frequency current with a direct segmental measurement to give results to the highest level of accuracy and reproducibility.


SIZE (mm):
356(w) x 843(l) x 984(h)
320 x 240 LCD
20, 100 kHz
Bar Type
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  • Easy to carry & install
    • Weight 13.2 kg
    • Optional carry bag
  • Reproducible electrode system
    • 8 point tactile electrodes
  • Easy to operate
  • Age range 3-99 years
  • Weight Capacity 10 - 250 kg

Analysis outputs

  • Body composition
  • Obesity Diagnosis
  • Muscle / Fat Control
  • Segmental Lean Mass
  • Segmental Fat Analysis

Users include

  • East Sussex PCT, Weight Management Team
  • East Surrey NHS, Weight Management Team
  • UCLH -University College Hospital, London, Dept of Endocrinology
  • YMCA Gyms at Central London & North Tyneside
  • Cardiac Research Team, Royal Brompton Hospital
  • Power Plate Studio Harrods
  • School of Exercise, University of Bangor
  • Greens Health and Fitness Club, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Fitness with Style PT
  • Your Body Active
  • Saheli Adventure Hub